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Learn to play | Concert Flute

We start our recommendation series for those interested in learning music.

The quickest way to unlock your talent is to take the flute out of the box. - Sir James Galway

Just finished watching Sir James on Instagram Live. Such a legendary and inspiring virtuoso that he is. You may now well guess what prompted us to take up the Concert Flute in this series of recommendation.

Flutes of the world

The flute is perhaps one of the oldest musical instruments. It belongs to the family of wind instruments, and sub-classified under "woodwind". Right from ancient Egyptian etchings to temple sculptures of India, one can spot figurines of flute players, proving its long history and popularity. Ranging from recorder of England to bansuri of India and pan flute of North America, civilizations across the world has adopted the flute in various forms and shapes. The construction material too varies, from wood and bamboo to ceramic and metal. The technique of playing however remains either end-blown like the shakuhachi (Japan) and pan flute or transverse blown like bansuri, dizi (China) or concert flute.

Famous flautists

In recent history the flute has received spotlight and gained popularity through stewardship and performances of artists like Sir James Galway and Jasmine Choi on the classical music side, and the iconic Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull on the contemporary (or Rock) music side. Stalwarts from other musical genre include Herbie Mann in jazz, bansuri player Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia and shakuhachi player Masakazu Yoshizawa.

Instrument structure

Concert flute is an edge-tone instrument. Meaning a tone created by deflecting a stream of air off a sharp edge. It is usually made of silver or nickel silver, and in some cases out of more precious metals like gold or platinum. It has a lip plate or embouchure, though which air is blown transversely into the flute cylinder. The body contains tone holes that are managed by keys to produce different tones. Those with shorter arm length, like children, can attach a curved head joint to save them stretching their arm too far away from lips.

Recommended listening

Before you decide to learn playing an instrument, we suggest you listen to few tracks highlighting its tone, shape and effect on overall music. Here are our recommendations from YouTube:

Debussy's 'Syrinx' performed by Emanuel Pahud | 3'21"

Mozart Flute Concerto K.314 in D Major 2nd Mov. perfomed by Jasmine Choi | 8'20"

Even butterflies love the flute | 1'18"

Bourée by Ian Anderson Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull | 4'30"

Instrument price

Concert flute like any other musical instrument is available at different price points. There are entry level student editions and then there are performance grade and signature-style instruments. Student editions start at very affordable price of US$70-80 ( ₹7,000-8,000) in brands like Jinbao and Mendini when purchased online and could go all the way up to US$600 (₹45,000) for brands like Yamaha and Pearl.


Woodwind instructors are usually difficult to come by. We are currently offering in-presence flute instructions in the cities of Kolkata and Dubai and online training by additional instructors from Romania and United States. Featured here are our flute instructors Brenan Bernardo and Dr. Ramona Murariu.

Tuition Fees

You may book lessons by day or by plan (sets of 4 lessons/ month or 12 lessons/ per quarter). Fee for each 45' private lesson begins at circa US$30 (₹ 2,250) when subscribed as a part of a plan.

If you are interested in concert flute, we can arrange a trial session. Simply email or WhatsApp +965 51715360 with your name and a phone number to reach you.

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