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here is a list of FAQs regarding online music lesson booking, payments and account management. If you are not satisfied with the responses and solutions presented here, feel free to contact us. 

  • How to book an appointment?
    To book an appointment you must have a valid Plan. If you already have a valid Plan 1. 'Sign up' or 'Log-in' to the website. 2. Go to 'My Bookings' from the drop-down menu under profile name. 3. Select a learning area and an instructor (for whom you have a valid Plan) 4. Click 'Book Now'. You will be taken to the appointment calendar for the instructor. The Instructor name and the learning area is displayed to the right of calendar. 5. Choose a date and time and click 'Next'. Follow the instructions from there. You can only book one appointment at a time. To book multiple appointments repeat the steps 1 through 5. If you DO NOT have a valid Plan, upon clicking 'Next' you can see the various Plans associated with your Instructor. 6. Choose a plan and click 'Select'. You will be able to pay through multiple options. After completitng your purchase you will be returned to booking page. Follow the steps 1 through 5 and start booking appointments. Watch Tutorial
  • How to reschedule or cancel booking?
    You can choose to reschedule a booked appointment 48 hours before scheduled time. To reschedule: 1. Go to 'My Bookings'. 2. Select the event you wish to reschedule from Manage my Bookings > Upcoming. 3. Click 'Reschedule' and choose another date and time. 4. Click 'Next' and book. If you have not decided on a reschudule date, after step 2 choose 'Cancel'. If you do not cancel or reschedule a booking 48 hours in advance, and miss the appointment, it will be labeled as 'No Show' and you will not be able to reschedule or claim a refund.
  • What if Instructor does not show-up?
    In the unfortunate event, where your Instructor has failed to show up for an appointment and have not requested a rescheduling, you can write to with details of Instructor, Plan, and appointment date. We will verify the claim, and appropriately add an extra session to your Plan so that you may go ahead and book again.
  • Can I change my Instructor?
    A change of Instructor is not allowed when subscribed to a Plan. However, before you begin your first lesson, you may request an online meeting with Instructor. You may request for an introductory session by writing to If your Insructor refuses to accept your bookings, we will assist you with an alternate instructor or arrange a refund. Please view FAQ on refund. All request for introductory meeting wiil be granted upon receiving payment in full for a paid Plan.
  • How to make a payment?
    You can pay for your subscription online. We are currently integrated with PayPal to make payments. You can use your PayPal account or a credit card or debit card to make a payment. In case you wish to pay using another method, please mail with the Plan you wish to subscribe and ypur preferred method of payment. Currently we do not accept payment in cash.
  • Do indicated prices include government taxes?
    No, the displayed Plan price is excluding any applicable government sales tax, viz., VAT, GST, MOMS, ALV or another type of sales tax. After you make a purchase a separate tax invoice shall be sent to you.
  • How to get a refund?
    Before you make any purchase we advise you read our Standard Terms of Purchase. A refund may be arranged only if an Instructor: 1. refuses to accept a Student after initial meeting; or 2. is unable to accept future bookings In all cases a refund will be arranged upon receiving written confirmation from Instructor. A refund for government tax paid will not be made under any circumstances.
  • Cannot access Member account
    To access a Member account you have to have a Member account. You may sign-up for a Member account using your Facebook or Google access or your email. In case you are signing up using an email, you will be sent an email to confirm your access to the registered email. If you cannot access Member account because you forgot the password, use the 'Forgot Password' option. If you have purchased a subscription Plan and caannot remember your login username, send a mail to attaching copy of Invoice or Plan Order that was mailed to you.
  • Account is suspended
    Your member account may be suspended in the event of a missed payment or outstanding payment on your part, or as an action against your violation of any terms and conditions that you may agreed with Metropolitan Eduactiona nd Testing Services Pvt Ltd or any of its businesses. To resolve a susended account you may clear outstanding payment or write to
  • Cannot find past or upcoming bookings
    You may have registered multiple member account with our website using different emails ofr Facebook or Google access. You can see your past and upcoming bookings only with the Member account that is connected to a purchased Subscription Plan. If you think you are accessing the correct Member account and still cannot see the past and upcoming bookings write to
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