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We offer a range of training options to suit individual learning objectives by age, focus and convenience.

You may choose to learn online or in-premise with our highly qualified instructors.

You may join one of our group sessions or go for focused learning in private training.

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Our Method


In-person training rooms equipped with instruments, PCs and Wi-Fi. Online sessions over premium Google Workspace service.


Concerts, webinars,  workshops, and off-premise events organised by Students and Instructors.


Quarterly in-house performance review and annual  assessment by ABRSM.


Students are assigned projects for review and analysis of music or performance show-case.


Angelina Jemir

Angelina Jamir is vocal instructor with The Metropolitan School of Music. She is member of Delhi Choir and has been a vocal instructor for several years. In this Spotlight for Vocals training, Angelina performs 'Over the Rainbow' from Judy Garland starring motion picture 'Wizard of Oz' (1939). The song also features on the syllabus of ABRSM Grade 4 for Vocals.

Over the Rainbow

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Vocal Instructor for Choir/Pop

Gurugram, India


Woodwind Instructor for ABRSM Program

Gurugram, India


Piano Instructor for ABRSM Program

Online/ Gurugram, India