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Violin VS-306
  • Violin VS-306

    About the Violin
    This premium quality violin is a precision-crafted instrument. It has a maplewood body with spruce on-top, and a maplewood bridge with brass fine tuner. All violins come with a balanced bow, carry case, premium quality black-rosin and an extra full set of strings by Koden. You can choose carbon-fiber carry cases and bows. See options below.



    • Standard (basic body)
    • Premium (premium body with carbon fiber bow)
    • Ultra (premium body with carbon fiber bow and case) 
    • Care for your instrument

      Invest in a  good violin case.
      Clean and wipe off rosin from strings after playing.
      Avoid putting too much rosin on bow hair.
      Don't use alcohol or solvent to clean your violin.
      Never place violin under a/c vent or in front of heat radiators.
      Put case on a flat surface before taking out violin.

    PriceFrom ₹16,000.00
    Sales Tax Included
    Bow & Case
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